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August 13 2015

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Tips to choose wooden blinds colors

Windows create elegance for your room especially when use a window cover with harmonizing color. You should try and use dark colors for blinds to be placed against walls that are painted in light colors. On the contrary, light colored blinds are best for walls painted in dark color. The idea of using contrasting colors is to lend nice visual appeal to house rooms. Let the color of your wooden blinds to be based on color of your upholstery, rugs and furniture. Colors can be confusing. 

If you are not sure about the color to choose, the safest bet would be adhering to light black or white colors. These are the colors that go along well with most color schemes. If you still are uncertain, seek advice from a store trusted consultant. When choosing colors for your wooden window blinds, you need to consider the flowing factors:

Color Schemes

When buying wooden window blinds for the first time or a new set, you may not give much thought about colors. Nevertheless, this should be one of your considerations. Color of wooden blinds is as important as colors you choose when you paint, re-decorate or choose furniture and fixtures. S-craft.co.uk window are a good fit for many colors.  A basic understanding of color schemes helps you to easily choose blinds with a color that adds to decorations at your home, complement individual design and style choices.  

Color scheme put in simple terms means combining colors that appear good when together. It is important that you first look at the existing color scheme in your home before you choose the color of wooden blinds. This is important in complementing color scheme unless you plan to embark or re-decoration project  that presents an opportunity to try something  explore  options and try a new look.

Color theme 

Color theme of your house is another important consideration to make before deciding on the look of wooden blinds. Try and match the wooden blinds you intend to add to colors painted in each of the rooms.  For instance if your room is painted light brown, let the wooden blinds to have the same kind of painting. 

White color may compliment brown shade but only if molding on the door matches the wooden blinds. Look at every room in the home then try to determine the wooden blinds color that would be a perfect addition. There is wide range of colors and styles in which you can find wooden blinds therefore there is no shortage of options to match décor at your home.

Warm and Cool Colors Blinds

Warm colors are bright and are termed thus as they represent daytime sun that essentially can ‘warm’ a home. These include red, orange and yellow. Warm colors fit well at any part of a home particularly at rooms where there is more activity such as living, dining and play rooms. When a room has warm colors and you complement them with wooden blinds of similar shade, it increases feeling of coziness and warmth.

Cool colors include shades of blue, purple and green. Cool colors provide more relaxing calm effect. They create feelings of an open space. These colors are more suitable for bedrooms. It is however important for you to note that suitable styles and colors are those that match your individual taste. You should therefore make a decision on what is best for your home in order to choose s-craft window blinds that suit your preferences.

Neutral Color Blinds

In most cases, wooden blinds have a single color with minimal or plain pattern. The variations for most window blinds are whites, grays, blacks and beige and neutral cream. White, black and gray are classified as most neutral colors since they are not warm or cool.

The reason is that these are simplest colors for integrating with the existing décor in a home. The neutral colors are in-offensive therefore blend easily into background providing relaxing expansive look. By using different shades of same color across furnishings and décor, you create visual harmony at the home.

The good thing about adding neutral color blinds is that they subtly energize the chosen color scheme without imposing themselves in the overall design of a room. Another advantage of neutral colors is that they perfectly combine with other colors and this is the reason why many people choose them for walls or carpets.   

It is therefore equally good to choose wooden blinds with neutral color(s) since they will not conflict with furnishings and will not look misplaced even with future additions. If you decide to go for white, always be on look out for noticeable dust or dirt that appears on the slates.

Mix and matching colors 

Avoid mixing and matching wooden blind colors too much. In fact, it will be better if you find wooden blinds of same color and design as well.  Too much mixing is likely to throw off guests if they find one color or type of wooden blinds in the first room and something different for any other room. This makes your home to look tacky therefore you should avoid it at whatever cost.

When you choose wooden blinds color to use for your s-craft window, stick to that in all rooms of your home. Do the same for design.

Think about cleanliness at your home

As you choose a color for your wooden blinds, ask yourself about the cleanliness in your home. If it is hard for you to keep out particles from dust or other debris, then you should avoid those painted white.  

White has a great sparkling look but only if it stays clean but will turn to a mess when it gets dirty.  In fact, experts recommend that you should avoid white. Think about the times you have to clean then try to choose colors that will look good even if dust accumulates on them.

Depending on whether you want to display a calmer tone or add brightness to a room, you can choose dark or brighter color for wooden blinds. The important tip to remember is that the chosen color should complement that of the furnishings and walls in a room. 

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